Wayne Gillespie & Rob Grosser new album FAMOUS BLUES RAINCOAT

                  Songs to invoke a whole range of human emotions, Joy, Sadness, Acceptance, Disgust, Fear, Anger, Surprise and Anticipation. 

                   Songs of cheeky surrealism, hints of Jazz, Folk reverence, African influence, hypnotic grooves, dark tales and Rock-edge. 

                                                  The first song "SLOWDOWN" with the video clip on You Tube. Spotify,

             Famous Blue Raincoat are

            Wayne Gillespie and Rob Grosser who have conjured up a collection of original songs built around

             Wayne’s Leonard Cohen inspired lyrics and Rob's eclectic rhythms. 

             Wayne and Rob have also enlisted the help of fellow musicians

            Brendan Powers Harmonica. (Sting. Van Morrisson, River Dance) 

            Nigel Gavin Guitar, (Robert Fripp),

            Tony Waine Bass. (The Narcs)

            Don Hopkins. Piano Accordian

            Goby Catt Bass. 

                               Music the band describes as FRAZZ the combination of Folk, Rock and Jazz feels.