Our Story

Rob is originally from Adelaide where he played with various bands before moving to Melbourne then finally settling in Sydney.
1977 - 78 Played in Adelaide, Napoleon’s Flowers, White Trash,   
1978 - 81 Moved to Melbourne. Played with punk band News
            Recorded with USA producer Kim Fowley, (Kiss. The                  
            Runaways, etc). Released album "The Lonely Boys". The              
            album went triple Platinum in Europe.
            Joined The Aliens –Toured nationally supporting The Police, 
           UK Squeeze etc. Released Album "Translator" having two top  
            ten singles, "Confrontation & "Follow That Girl"
1981 - Sydney – Audition for Sydney Conservatorium Of Sydney 
           and was accepted. Left The Aliens to study Classical 
            Percussion. Won Scholarships for next 3 consecutive years. 
            During this time Rob played at The Sydney Opera House
            performing with the Conservatorium Orchestra and The
           Willoughby Symphony Orchestra
1982 - Kim Humphreys Band    
1982 - Great Dane – Toured NSW and released self titled CD " Great  
            Dane" One song featured on double Platinum album “HEAVY”
1982 - 1988 Toured nationally with well known 1960s singer Jeff St 
           John (Jeff St John and The Copperwine—Teach Me How To
           Fly, and Big Time Operator).
1984 - Boss – Toured nationally.
1985 - Mirrored Image – Toured Australia & overseas
1986 – Played with The Deltoids feat Denis Wilson, (Khavas Jute)
           and John Strangio “The Dingoes”
1989-  Co-Wrote with Joy Smithers (Actress All Saints, Bangkok
           Hilton etc) "Young Love" which was on ABC Mini Series
           Stringer as well as Wendy Matthews and Kate Cebrano
           album "You’ve Always got the Blues". "Young Love" was the
           first single released and soundtrack received an ARIA Award in
1991Grog ‘n Grumble
1992Spectacular Feets – CD released "Meet Me At The Station"
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1992Lightning Ridge- CD released "Such Is Life"
1993Gina Ogilvie - Produced /Co-wrote songs/Played Drums & 
           Percussion on CD "Storm"
1994- Dave Stevens – Produced & Played drums on CD "Kookoon"
1995- Napoleon Blown Apart - Toured and released CD "Napoleon 
          Blown Apart"
1996- Keith Alan & The Breakers –Released CD "The Stealer"
1997- Wayne Gillespie & Passionfish toured nationally released self 
           titled CD. "Wayne Gillespie & Passionfish"
1998 -The Narcs – Toured New Zealand
1998 - Blue Sierra – Toured and released CD "Blue Sierra"
1999 - Played and recorded with Chris Turner & The Tomcats
1999 - Famous Blue Raincoat – Toured New Zealand and played at   
            various festivals including Sweetwater Festival in NZ
1998-2000 -Tim Gaze & The Blues Doctors – Toured and released   
            CD "Blues Remedy" featuring Jim Conway, (Capt Matchbox, 
           Tim Gaze, Mike Gubb, (Crowded House, Split Enz)
2000 - Recorded Steve Bevis CD
2000-2010Mixed/ Mastered albums by The BackSliders
           “Preaching The Blues”/  Big Rock Records –“25years” / Tim
            Gaze -“Rough Diamonds” / The Blues Pirates self titled / 
            Rick & The Goose – “Valley Of The Blues”/ Blues Hangover
            “Greetings from the Aloha Monkey”/ Sydney Blues Festival 
            – Complimation CD
2000 - Jan Preston – Played various Blues festivals and Sydney 
            Played venues with Brent Johns and recorded cd “Long  
            Distance” which Rob played drums, and co-produced / Mixed 
            the cd with Brent Murphy
            Released cd “Sydney Basin Blues” by Tim Gaze & Rob 
           Grosser with special guests Mike Gubb, Don Hopkins, Jan 
            Preston, Skip Sails, Chris Turner.
2001 – Released Dr Dons Double Dose cd, “Conjure Bag”. Also
            performed with double dose around venues and festivals
2002 - The Hoochie Coochie Men. with Tim Gaze, (Stevie Wright, 
           Khavas Jute), Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore) 
           and Jim Conway (Capt Matchbox, Jim Conway’s Big Wheel). 
           Release self titled album
2003The Hoochie Coochie Men with Jon Lord. Recorded live 
           CD/DVD with Jon Lord (Deep Purple) , Jimmy Barnes, Toured
           Australia and released Cd/DVD internationally.
2004 – Joined band with Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo) and Chris Turner 
           (Buffalo) called Rocks Push and release new self titled album
            Put together band with Pete Wells and Lucy DeSoto called
            Lucy Desoto & The Handsome Devils. The band releases 3
            cds and toured nationally as well as over seas festivals. The cds 
            were “self titled”, “Lowdown & Travelling”, “Whisky Dance”
2005 – Recorded with Pete Wells 2 solo cds, “Bodgie DaDa” and
           “Mothers Worry” Played with Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters) 
            and Fiona Boyes
2008 – Recorded Tim Gaze & Rob Grosser cd  “River City Blues” a  
            live cd recorded at the Brisbane Blues Fest.
           Rob was nominated for Producer of the Year for the Chain    
           Tim won Vocalist of The Year in the Chain Awards
           On compliation album “Anthology” by Tim Gaze
            Recorded cd with Vince Love Groove – “ Mongrels Of 
           Passion. Members were Tim Gaze, Glen Muirhead, (Wendy 
           Mathews) and Chris Bailey, (GangaJang, The Angels)”
2009 – Record and release Famous Blue Raincoat EP. Rob played 
            drums, co-wrote the songs and co-produced and mixed the 
            EP with Wayne Gillespie
            Played festivals, venues with Dr Dons Double Dose
            Released cd Tim Gaze & Rob Grosser “Better Days”.  All   
            Songs written by Tim & Rob with both players co-producing
            and mixing the album
            Record new studio cd with Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie 
           Men titled “Danger White Men Dancing”. Features Jon Lord, 
           (Deep Purple, White Snake), Jimmy Barnes, (Cold Chisel), 
            Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Bob Daisley, (Ozzy Osbourne, 
            Uriah Heap), Tim Gaze, Jeff Duff, (Hush)
            On compilation cd “Blues For The Bears” with Tim Gaze. To 
            raise money for saving the polar bears
                    Rob Grosser Biography                       

2010 – Recorded with Chris Turner & The Cave Men. Played and co-
            mixed the album. To be released 2012.
            Released Tim Gaze & Rob Grosser cd “Twang The Drum” a
            rock album with songs written by Tim and Rob with Rob
            playing co-producing/mixing the cd with Tim.
2011 – Dr Dons Double Dose with Don Hopkins win the ”Blues   
           Performers of The Year” for the ACT & NSW.
         - Joined with Screaming Jets songwriter, Guitarist Grant 
           Walmsley in Agents Of Peace playing national music festivals 
           as well as venues around Australia.
2012 – Performed with Dr Dons Double Dose at the Memphis 
           International Blues Challenge achieving 2nd place in the     
           event. The duo also played in Nashville.
            Also recorded with Dr Dons Double Dose at Ardent Studios
           In Memphis.

           Hot Shots” Vol 1.  feat Tim Gaze, (Taman Shud, Jimmy Barnes), Chris        
           Turner, (Rose Tattoo, Buffalo), Al Britton, (Bondi Cigars, The  
           Dynamic Hepnotics)
           Produced, Mixed and played drums on new CD “The Hot Shots Vol 1 CD    
           Reached No 2 on The Australian Blues & Roots Charts plus nominated for Australian Blues Awards – Best Group, Best Male Vocalist, and Song Of the Year.
           Featuring members from Dynamic Hepnotics, Rose Tattoo, Stevie Wright, Bondi Cigars
           Famous Blue Raincoat playing, mixing with Wayne Gillespie and members from King Crimson, Ray Charles.
            Free Bird playing, mixing new album with Grant Walmsley, (The Screaming Jets)
           Drum/ Music Workshops – Thredbo Music Festival, Goulburn Conservatorium,
          Released  Elephant In The Room “The Finn” - Producing playing drum, Guitars & Keyboards for instrumental cd with Illya Szwec, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo), Tim Gaze
           (Taman Shud), Chris Turner (Rose Tattoo), Clayton Doley (Slash), Don Hopkins (Dr Dons Double Dose) and Chris Trner
           Elephant In The Room released through Bombora Records. AVAILABLE NOW
          Produced and played drums on Sydney blues band  The Stayers. recorded at Rob's  Disgracelands Studio. The cd is called "About Time" and is to be released  2014


                     EDUCATION/ TEACHING

Advanced Diploma in Music Technolgy
Cert 4 Workplace training and Assessment
Certified operator for Pro Tools
Rob has taught music business as well as music technology at Wyong Tafe, Quakers Hill Tafe, Shellharbour Tafe and Northholm Grammar High School. He has also taught music at Morrisett Psych Hospital and Kariong Maximum Security Centre.
Rob is head teacher for Music Technology / Music Business teacher at Ourimbah Tafe